The ParableSoft CRM is built to manage Home Improvement businesses from Quote to Installation.

Some of our features include:

  • Quoting - Our product management allows you to setup your products to build custom order forms which allow for accurate quoting, pricing and subsequent ordering. Give your sales rep the ability to have the exact order form in front of them that you will use to order from your suppliers.
  • Collect payments
  • Take photos and notes about each and every job. Share them with your whole company
  • Setup a comp plan for your sales reps so you can take the pain out of cutting monthly commission checks.
  • Reports and KPIs - Build custom reports and KPIs to gain insight on trends in your business and measure the health at a glance.
  • Ordering - If your suppliers are running our manufacturing and distrubtion software, you can push your orders directly over to them.
  • Integration with Google Calendar - Our integration with Google Calendar allows your sales reps and installers to use their Google calendar to view sales and installation appointments by using a tool they know and love.
  • Quickbooks integration - We integration with Quickbooks Desktop, and are working on an integration with Quickbooks Online.

If you are interested in getting a demo, contact us today.